YouTube is a great resource for tracking down videos on all matter of topics. Whether you're looking for reviews of the latest hardware, music videos, old advertisements or almost anything else you can think of, there's hours of fun to be had browsing through the latest uploads. But using YouTube requires that you are online - or at least that is the case if you do not have Easy YouTube Video Downloader.

This is a browser extension that is available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera - Internet Explorer users are out of luck, unfortunately - which makes it possible to download YouTube videos so they can be watched when you are offline. Unlike other tools that can be used for much the same purpose, as Easy YouTube Video Downloader is an extension, there is no need to leave your browser to download a video.

Once the extension is installed, a new button is added to the page of every video on YouTube. When you click it you are presented with the option of downloading the video in a variety of different formats ranging from MP3 to 360p MP4. When available, high definition versions of videos can also be downloaded.

When downloading, the title of the video is used as the file name by default, but this can be easily changed if required. The extension lives up to its name, making it incredibly easy to download videos without the need to fiddle with separate programs or copy and paste lengthy URLs.