EBay for Chrome is a free browser extension which enables monitoring your eBay activities wherever you are on the web.

Installing the add-on is quick and easy. Click the eBay button on your address bar, log in to eBay and you're ready to go.

Whatever page you're viewing, clicking the eBay icon gives instant access to your Watch list, your recent purchases and anything you're selling.

You can also receive instant notifications before an item ends; when you're outbid; when there are updates to offers you made or items you've purchased; when you receive a bid, an offer or counterbid; when you sell something or receive payment, and when you receive a message.

Notifications are highlighted in the toolbar icon and listed in the notification window. By default you'll also get an audio alert, although this may be disabled in the Preferences box.


Ebay for Chrome is convenient, easy to use and worked well for us. We've noticed several reviewers talking about missing or delayed notifications, though, so test the extension carefully before you rely on it.