Email Sourcer is a powerful tool which automatically extracts contact details from web pages: email addresses, phone numbers (where available), physical addresses (where available) and more.

You use the program much like a web browser. If you're looking for a job, for instance, you might navigate to a few company web pages. As you read, Email Sourcer analyses each page, picking out the details of any contacts and displaying whatever details it can find in a grid: URL, domain, page title, email address, phone number, physical address, fax and so on (fields not present on the page are left blank).

The program can also scan multiple pages in a single operation - linked pages, selected links, an entire site - collecting details from them all.

Contact details may be exported at any time as CSV, Excel, txt, vCard, HTML, SQL and more.

PLEASE NOTE: this Light version is fully functional, but only displays the complete details for the first ten contacts in each session. Upgrading to the 49.90 Euro PRO edition removes this restriction.


A very accurate and easy-to-use web scraper.