Feedbro is a one-stop feed reader which keeps you up-to-date with RSS/ Atom/ RDF sources, blogs, Twitter, Instagram and more.

The extension is stand-alone, rather than being a front-end for a website, which means there's no need to sign up, create accounts, log in or anything else.

OMPL import support makes it easy to import your current feeds from other readers. (In Internet Explorer, for example, click File > Import and Export > Export to a file > select Feeds > Next > Export to save existing feeds, then Options > Import... in Feedbro to read them.)

Feedbro by default checks your feeds every 30 minutes, displaying the results in its own reader pane.

A powerful Rules Engine enables automatic filtering, bookmarking, tagging, hiding, highlighting of your articles.

It's easy to add new feeds or drop anything broken or inactive, and everything else can be organised into folders via drag and drop.


A fast feed reader, comfortable to use and ultra-configurable.