Google now offers so many online services, there is a high chance that you make use of at least one of the them. Whether you use Google Mail to send and receive email, or Google Docs to storage and work with documents online, and this is likely to mean that there is a lot of online activity that you need to know about – from the arrival of emails to alerts to upcoming events.

gNotifier is a small utility that can provide you with notification relating you’re your Gmail, Google Docs and Google Calendar. Google already provides a similar tool, but the advantage of using gNotifier is that it can be used in conjunction with multiple accounts – handy if you have a work account with Google, and another one for personal use.

The app will inform you of whenever you receive an email, and sound alarms when an event is due in your calendar. It can also be configured to provide alerts when someone shares or modifies a file in Google Docs. Notifications can be seen at all times in the menu bar so you always know what is happening in your account.

An integrated web browser means that it is possible to read your mail and take care of other notifications without the need to navigate away from the web site you are currently visiting, and the option of navigating your accounts from either he menu bar or the dock means that the app can fit around the way you work.


A useful little app, but integration with Google Docs leaves a little to be desired – but this tool is handy for people with multiple Google accounts.