JavaScript Popup Blocker is a Chrome extension which aims to detect and block JavaScript popup and pop-under windows.

Install the extension and it starts working right away. An icon to the right of the address bar displays the status of the current page, and a count which increases whenever a popup is blocked.

By default JavaScript Popup Blocker aims to eliminate popups everywhere. If you find this causes problems on particular sites, though, open the extension settings, add them to the whitelist and their popups won't be blocked in future.

If there are still issues, opening the Settings dialog and setting JavaScript Popup Blocker to "Blacklist" mode will allow popups everywhere. You can then manually add sites where you'd like them to be blocked.

The extension worked well for us. We've seen a few complaints that it interferes with some legitimate sites, but even if this does happen, smart use of the whitelisting/ blacklisting system should get Chrome working normally again.


A simple, effective and configurable JavaScript pop-up blocker.