Whether within the structure of a business, or when communicating with customers and clients, companies have to deal with increasingly widespread audiences all over the world. Whether offering support for service or arranging business meetings, the logistics of getting everyone to the same place can be nightmarish. This is precisely why remote meeting tools such as a Mikogo are proving increasingly popular.

The app can be used to hold online meetings with up to 25 participants, and there is the option of sharing either desktop contents or a particular application online for the purposes of making demonstrations. The app can be used for meetings, presentations, lessons – any situation in which a group people need to be able to view and share the same information simultaneously regardless of where they may be. Remote sessions can be viewed through a regular browser window without the need for additional software and the ability to take remote control of participants’ computer allows for remote help to be provided.

While this is a perfectly capable app, and it has been specifically designed with business meetings and other tasks in mind, there are numerous free alternatives that could be considered. There are a variety of remote desktop tool that can be used to broadcast your desktop presentations to groups of co-workers, and you can use messaging tools such as Skype for conversing with other people.

The fact that there is the possibility of setting up remote sessions without the need for software installations is interesting and would be useful for companies looking to offer online support, but it is quite a niche product. There is also potential for the software to become quite expensive as the pricing structure comprises a monthly fee per meeting organizer. When you take these prices into consideration, it may well make more sense to go down the route of a custom software solution.


Niche and expensive, Mikogo provides a useful service for companies unable to invest time in custom support solutions.