Momentum is a good-looking and productivity-boosting New Tab page for Chrome.

As usual with these add-ons, you get a gorgeous new image every day, and a Search box for when you're ready to start work.

Momentum also offers some practical help. Tell it your goal for the day and this is displayed at the bottom of the page, as a reminder. And if there are several tasks, no problem-- an extremely simple ToDo manager enables building a list for easy reference later.

On-screen information includes a large clock, and a small weather indicator.

There's a daily inspirational quote. Ours was "do one thing every day which scares you."

The page is supremely configurable. Don't need the quote? It's gone. Want a lighter theme? It's a click away. Google search, or Bing, your choice.

There's even a Links page where you can add your favourite URLs, or open the normal Chrome New Tab page, if you need it for some reason.


A nicely judged New Tab page with great images and plenty of features, yet still simple enough that you'll be using them all right away.