Mozilla Archive Format is a very useful Firefox addon which can help you save web pages and work with them later. Browsers can generally do this already, of course, but Mozilla Archive Format offers some major advantages.

The extension can save one, some or all of your current tabs into the same single file, for instance.

The saved pages will generally look and feel almost exactly like the original (embedded audio or video can be included, too).

MAFF files are ZIP archives, so you don't need a copy of Mozilla Archive Format to make sense of them.

And if you regularly work with pages saved in Internet Explorer, that's no problem, as Mozilla Archive Format can also create and open IE's MHT files. You even get a Saved Pages Conversion Wizard which can batch convert your saved pages from one format to another.

All of this is very straightforward and easy to use; just click Save Page As and select the format you need. But if Mozilla Archive Format doesn't work quite as you need, then there are several settings which might help. Click Save Page As > Options to see what's available.

Version 3.0.0 changes include:

Mozilla Archive Format 3.0 features increased compactness when saving pages, as well as several other improvements and changes over the previous versions.

– Stylesheet rules that don't apply to any element in the current page are now removed from the saved file. This can greatly increase compactness when content is modified by scripts or other extensions before saving.

– The option to take an exact snapshot of the page is now selected by default, to take advantage of various improvements in the save method, even if it was deselected in a previous version of the add-on. The browser's standard save system and the integrated Save Complete component can still be selected from the options dialog and the internal configuration settings respectively.


An excellent tool which extends the regular "save page" functionality in many useful ways. Go install a copy for yourself immediately.