The BitTorrent network provides a great way to download large files, making it possible to share the load of traffic between everyone interested in a file, helping to speed up the overall experience for everyone involved. But many people are put off the idea of using torrents, not only because it is something that has become associated with illegal content, but also because an extra program is needed in the form of a torrent client.

In reality, there are countless web sites in existence that offer legal content that can be downloaded as torrents, so this helps to overcome the first problem. OneClick Chrome Extension is a free browser extension for Chrome which can be used to make it possible to treat the content of torrent file in the same way as any other file you might download from the web.

Using the extension could hardly be simpler. There are no complicated settings to configure – in fact there are no settings to concern yourself with at all. Once you have OneClick installed, there is no need to worry about magnet links or downloading a torrent file before loading it into a torrent client – when you click a torrent file from now on the contents will be automatically downloaded as individual files.

In practice this is an interesting tool, but it is not the most efficient use of torrent files. You are afforded no control over what you are downloading, so there is no way to place limits on download speeds and you are not able to choose which files should be downloaded – it is a case of all or nothing. In many ways, the extension goes against the philosophy of BitTorrent as there is no option to seed files you have downloaded to help to speed things up for other people.


An interesting tool for anyone wanting to easily make use of torrent files, but it is very limited when compared to any torrent client.