It may not generate the headlines in the same way as Firefox or Internet Explorer, but there's still plenty to like about the Opera browser.

The program provides excellent tab management and easy bookmarking, for instance. A super-fast JavaScript engine ensures great performance. There's a lengthy list of security features, strong debugging tools for developers, and a host of smaller timesaving features. Yet somehow Opera remains one of the fastest and most lightweight browsers around.

New features this time around include a revamped address field. This provides new search suggestions, better results when searching History and Bookmarks, and now allows you to bookmark pages instantly simply by clicking a star.

Opera's integrated mail client has seen some major changes. There's a new default two-lined message list, with emails grouped by date; important messages can be "pinned" to highlight them; icons have been redesigned, and the mail toolbars simplified. But if any of this is confusing, don't worry, a simplified Settings dialog makes it easy to restore whatever look, view and message grouping you need.

And of course there are plenty of tweaks behind the scenes. Most notable, a new HTML5-compliant parser delivers much better compatibility, while the browser as a whole now loads pages faster than ever and requires less RAM on JavaScript-heavy sites.


A promising update which makes this great browser even better. It's still a beta, though, so expect problems occasionally as any bugs are uncovered and squashed