Pushbullet is a free service which allows you to send links, texts, files, notifications, phone calls and more from one of your devices to another.

It's straightforward to set up. There are apps for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac, as well as browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Just install what you need and sign up with a Google or Facebook account (no forms to fill in).

If you're browsing on your desktop, say, you can now right-click a link, select Pushbullet and choose your phone (or any other device where you've installed the system). It'll receive a notification immediately.

Right-click a file and you're able to send it in exactly the same way.

You can also have mobile devices automatically send notifications to your desktop, or you can manually send notes, links, photos, files and more.

A "universal copy and paste" means you can copy something to the clipboard in one device, then paste it to another. (There are security implications to that so it's turned off by default, but check Settings if you're interested.)

There's more control over this than you might expect (you can snooze an alarm pushed from your phone to the desktop, for example), and there are plenty of configuration options on offer (you can choose which apps will push notifications, or maybe not send anything unless you're on wifi).


A quick and easy way to share information and get all your devices working together.