There are people who swear by their password manager (and we're one of them), but there others who are quite sceptical.

The pros are obvious. You can store all your login, password, personal and even card data within one location. You then only need to remember a single master password to obtain access. Better still, if you add a browser plugin, your web browser will pull in the data and fill in forms automatically.

The cons are even more obvious: security. By storing all your data in one location, if someone knows your master password, they have access to everything. There are also instances of online cloud-based password managers being hacked, but usually, the hackers can't extract your data from the encrypted information.

RememBear is a brand new password manager, currently in beta, from the developers behind the VPN client, TunnelBear. Available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices, it's pretty much like any other password manager and bears a striking resemblance to Dashlane. There are browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari (but not Edge)

Whilst in beta, RememBear is free for everyone. So you can store your passwords and synchronise across devices. However, a Premium version is coming, at a cost, so be prepared - the version you download and install now, for free, will be more limited in months to follow.

What's new in 0.5.1?

- RememBear focused inward. preparing for an exciting spring ahead
- Bear witness to your Bears shiny new coat in your browser
- Combed some fur and buffed a few claws
- 5.43% more Bears


Decent password manager, currently free in beta, but will be interesting to see how development progresses and, frankly, there are now so many password managers, it's hard to recommend.