RightToClick is a useful Firefox add-on which works to remove all kinds of Javascript annoyances and get web pages working normally again.

Have you ever wanted to use the right-click menu on a web page, for instance, but find it's been disabled? RightToClick may be able to help. Just click its add-on bar icon and the menu should be available immediately.

Or maybe you just want to select and copy some text? Again, restoring normal operations is generally as easy as clicking on the RightToClick icon.

And there's plenty more. RightToClick can remove annoying pop-ups, for instance. Disable those frustrating pages which won't let you leave. And otherwise prevent a host of odd left-click, double-click, drag and drop, timer-based and other behaviour.

This can, of course, have unintended consequences. Javascript has plenty of very important applications, and if you turn off large chunks of it then you're inevitably going to break some legitimate web pages.

You can try to reduce this problem by customising RightToClick via its Options dialog, but this isn't exactly straightforward. What might be the consequences of disarming "event listeners", for instance? Or disabling "page mouse-move CSS handlers"? Are you sure?

Still, if you only turn on RightToClick when you need it, this shouldn't be a major problem. All you really have to do is remember that RightToClick is installed, and check its status if you ever find a site isn't working as you expect.


RightToClick is an excellent tool for removing annoying Javascript restrictions and making sure that web pages work just as you expect