SendGenie is a straightforward web service that makes it easy to share large files with others.

Once installed the program adds a magician's top hat icon to your desktop. Drag and drop files here and they're uploaded to a central server.

All you then have to do is enter the email address of anyone who you'd like to have access to the file. They'll be sent an email telling them about this, with a link where they can download it.

It's all very easy to use, though distinctly lacking in documentation right now (presumably because the service is still in beta). There's no information about the maximum file size you can upload, for instance, or the total amount of space you have at any one time. There's nothing on the security of your files, how (or even if) they're encrypted to keep them safe from others. And there's no help at all with the SendGenie client, so some options aren't entirely clear.

If you simply have a few photos or home movies that you'd like to share with friends then this shouldn't be a problem. We wouldn't use Send Genie to handle confidential, mission-critical business files, though, at least not until the site delivers are clearer picture of the service's features.


It's easy to use, but a lack of documentation about SendGenie's abilities, and the program's beta status, mean you should treat it with caution for now