Looking for a torrent client to satisfy your download needs? There are certainly plenty to choose from and most client offer very much the same set of the features and options. Tribler is a program that aims to be a little different while still offering everything you would expect from a torrent client. There is not only support for torrent and magnet links, there is also the ability to stream video using the on demand feature.

As you would expect, you can perform searches for anything you might be interested in downloading, but Tribler focuses quite strongly on the community aspect of using BitTorrent. The main screen of the app is home to not only the search bar, but also a tag cloud so you can see what other people have been looking for – if something inspires you, just click the tag to perform the search yourself.

If you would prefer that the tag cloud did not show a particular type of more adult content, there is a family filter that can be easily switched on and off. In some respects, Tribler is similar in style to newsgroups, and you also have the option of browsing through the dozens of channels that are available. You can set up your own Tribler channel if you have files you would like to share with other people, or you might prefer to contribute to an existing channel.

Just as with other torrent clients you can limit your upload and download speeds to balance how your internet connection is used, but it is the video on demand feature that is particularly interesting, While this is not a unique feature, it has been well implemented and reduces the time you need to wait to watch a video you are particularly keep on. Whatever torrent client you are using at the moment, this is one that you should take a look at.

What's new in 7.2.2 (see changelog for more):

Improved the logic for credit mining by deploying a multi-level investment policy.
Added an option to sort torrent files in the user interface.
Added the ability to record historical transactions in the market.
Added logging of the state directory that Tribler is using.
Addressed various security issues in the decentralized market implementation.
Removed the pymdht module and use our own DHT implementation instead.
Fixed an issue where Tribler attempts to send bytes over an already closed circuit.
Fixed an issue that prevents circuits from being recreated.
Fixed various issues and crashes in the decentralized market.
Fixed various issues related to VLC bundling on macOS.
Fixed a crash when changing the anonymity of a specific download.
Fixed a crash when starting a download.
Fixed a crash when subscribing to a channel.
Fixed a crash when an invalid bloomfilter is being transmitted to others.
Fixed an error during the database shutdown when closing Tribler.
Fixed a crash when libtorrent sessions are not available.
Slightly changed the presentation of the token balance in the user interface.
Fixed a crash during video-on-demand playback.
Fixed a crash when receiving a libtorrent alert.
Fixed an issue when excluding specific files during a download.
Fixed multiple issues when creating a new order in the decentralized market.
Fixed a crash with the key/value database.
Fixed a crash when parsing a malformed remote search query.


An intriguing cross-platform torrent client with enough features to make it stand out from the crowd.