Usenet can be something of a confusing world, if only because of its immense size. But by using Unison, you can make sense of this vast repository and quickly discover how useful a tool it can be.

You can search for groups that you maybe interested in by making use of the directory, and those you like can be bookmarked for easy access. When reading through message you can work in threaded mode to make it easier to follow conversations and replies. You have the option of posting and downloading messages as plain text or HTML, and groups can be configured for offline reading.

Files mentioned on Usenet are often split across multiple messages and this can make for difficult navigation. Unison helps to make things a little easier by grouping together all of these files in a unified view, simplifying the download process.

Music files can be previewed without the need for downloading, and uploading is achieved with a single click. Built in joining and decompression means that no third party tools are needed to access the files you find online and the powerful search facility makes to find what you are looking for.


Access one of the largest online repositories in existence - and do it with style and ease.