Xmarks is best known for its bookmark and password synchronisation browser add-on, but Xmarks SearchTab has been designed to enhance your Google searches to make it even easier to find sites relating to your search term.

The add-on add new tabs to the top of the Google search results page, and clicking one of these will display a list of topic relating your search. The first tab contains links to the sites which have been deemed to be most suitable by Xmarks and should you find something of interest, a new link makes it possible to search for similar sites.

Suggested sites are accompanied by thumbnail previews so you may well be able to determine whether a particular site is what you are looking for or not. To help improve the suggestions Xmarks makes in the future, you have the option of rating the suggestions that have been made for individual searches.

The main Google search results page also features news labels next to each of the listed sites. This indicates how the site has been ranked on Xmarks.com, helping you to decide how suitable it might be without necessarily having to visit it. If you perform a lot of web searches, the Xmarks SearchTab add-on can help to greatly increase your productivity.


With so many web sites relating to any given topic, anything that makes it easier to find what you're looking for is to be welcomed. This add-on does just that, simplifying the process of tracking down information and cross-referencing sites.