Cloud-based backup, sync and file sharing is nothing new, and neither is YouSendIt. However, while – as its name implies – YouSendIt was very much a tool for sharing and sending large files over the internet, it’s now been revamped to compete more with cloud-based sync and share tools like Dropbox and SugarSync.

Rather confusingly, however, YouSendIt has developed not one, but two separate apps for accessing all of its features. If you’re looking to integrate your YouSendIt storage folder with Windows for easy syncing and folder-sharing purposes, you need the YouSendIt Desktop App.

If, on the other hand, you want to be able to quickly access YouSendIt’s traditional file-sending tool, which allows you to send large files without clogging up your recipient's inbox, plus access additional security when sending files, you want this app instead.

YouSendIt Express simply allows you to send your files directly from the application rather than your browser window. It works in a similar way to an email tool: enter your recipients, choose the files to share, then add a subject title and message. Depending on your account, there may be restrictions in place: free Lite users can only send single files up to 100MB in size with 100-character messages in each message, for example.

The Send Options pane includes additional options that can make your transmission more secure – again, some are restricted to premium accounts or incur one-off charges. The most notable option, which is free to all, is “Verify recipient identity”. This works with recipients who also have YouSendIt accounts as they will be required to sign in before they can access the file in question. It also makes it impossible to forward on the email to others.

Once done, click the SendIt button and wait while the file is sent – a progress bar will let you know how the file transfer is progressing. Once complete you’ll be prompted to choose whether to add the file to your YouSendIt folder for permanent access, or to provide a simple download link, which expires within a week.

The Express app can also be used to manage messages sent to you by other YouSendIt members too – access these via the Inbox tab.

If you’re struggling to send a large file by email, either because your Internet provider sets an outgoing limit or your recipient has made it clear they don’t want to receive large files as email attachments, then YouSendIt Express offers a neat workaround.


A user-friendly and effective tool for sending files directly from your desktop, helping you to bypass your email provider’s limitations.