Based on custom NX technology, NoMachine is a highly advanced remote access, virtualisation and sharing solution that will meet the needs of individuals and businesses alike. Using the server and client software, you can connect to any computer your need to and access the documents you need – working from home means that you will still be able to access everything on your work computer.

In addition to accessing files, you can also run the software that's installed on the system you are accessing remotely. This is extremely handy if you have work-specific applications installed at the office, but don't have a licence to install the same software on your home computer. It also helps to overcome the problem of running demanding software on a less-powerful computer; you can just remotely access the workhorse and get the job done.

NoMachine can be used for collaborative work, and it is ideal for remote meetings in which several participants need to be able to view and edit the same files. Whether you want to save meetings for posterity, or you have some other need for capturing, you can record what's happening on-screen and save it as a video file.

Despite the underlying complexity of what NoMachine is doing and what it enables you to do, working with the software is pleasingly simple. Speed and security are at a level that will keep everyone happy, and there are some very nice touches such as being able to plug in a USB device – be it storage, a games controller or something else – and use it with the computer you are accessing remotely.

Remote access software can be complicated, and while NoMachine does a good job of changing this, its pricing structure is a different story. While the basic "for personal use" option is free, there are literally dozens of plans to choose from depending on operating system, number of cores, number of subscriptions, number of connection and the number of virtual desktops. You genuinely might find that working out which one is right for you or your business is hardest part of using the software!


Where NoMachine really shines is in its flexibility. The number of supported platforms and the range of sharing options means there really are very few scenarios for which it would not be suitable.