Whether you have a small home network or something a little larger for business purposes, it is always important to know how your network is being used. There are numerous reasons why you might be interested in checking exactly which running applications are making use of your network, including keeping an eye open for suspicious activity, and this is where Rubbernet can help.

The app can be used to monitor the connection of a local computer, or it can be used in client mode to remotely check the status of a machine you have already installed the software on over the internet. At a glance you are able to see which applications are using the network connection and you can also check exactly what connections are being made by individual apps.

Real-time graphs display information about the upload and download rate of individual applications, making it possibly to quickly home in on bandwidth hogs that may be slowing down the network for other applications and users. Multi-user support means that network usage can be tracked to particular accounts as well as applications.

For small network administrators, the remote monitoring option is particularly useful and can be configured in a matter of seconds. Rubbernet is unobtrusive and yet provides you with a wealth of information whenever you need it. For network administrators and the curious alike, this is a great utility.


A fast and efficient way to monitor your network, helping you to manage resources and maintain security.