If you run your own business or work for yourself, it is important to monitor how much time you spend working in different projects. Accurate time tracking is needed to ensure that tasks can be prioritised and calculating fees. Klok is an Adobe Air application that makes it easy to monitor how you use every minute, and the program can generate weekly time sheets ready for calculating invoices.

The interface can be used in a variety of ways, broken down into projects, clients or tasks. As soon as you start working on a particular tasks, simply select it and click the Start Working button. By switching between tasks, clients and projects, indicating precisely when you start and stop working, and accurate picture of how your time has been spent can be drawn up.

Individual projects can be colour coded so they are easily identifiable on the timeline, and comments can be added to entries for future reference. Klok automatically generates weekly and monthly timesheets and these can be viewed in the application or saved as an Excel spreadsheet. Simple pie charts are used to illustrate how time has been split between different types of work.

Klok can be used in a number of ways. It can be viewed simply as a means of recording your work for archival purposes, but it can also be used to identify bottlenecks with a view to improving productivity.


For small businesses and self-employed workers, Klok is a valuable tools for monitor your use of time.