Are you one of those people who needs to be reminded of your daily tasks, see your latest documents and quickly refer to conference call invites?

My Workspace is a menu bar option for OS X users who have an Office 365 account. It simply sits in your menubar and enables you to quickly see what's coming up, what you have been invited to and whether you want to attend a call, conference or meeting without having to open your calendar.

Once you download My Workspace, you need to login with your Office 365 account. After logging in, the top space shows the daily events (from Outlook - so if you're not using Outlook like us, nothing will show here. Below this you see your pinned files. Here's where you can store your most important files for quick access later. You can quickly see the most recent accessed files, too, which can be opened directly from the My Workspace drop down menu.

One of the key advantages of My Workspace is you can see information that has been added to your calendar and choose to react immediately. An invite can be rejected. A Skype conference can be joined and so on.

And that's about it, really. You also get direct access to, your Office files (Word, Excel etc), plus some basic settings so you can choose what is being displayed in the menu drop-down.


Simple drop down menu which could give you some benefit if you are an OS X Office 365 user, but it's pretty basic.