Mind mapping software can be put to countless uses, whether brainstorming ideas in a group, or working through a series of ideas on your own. While most mind mapping tools allow for the use of shapes and colour to not only add interest to mind maps, but also to highlight related sections, MyThoughts for Mac goes further by offering iPhoto integration to allow for the easy addition of images.

There are a range of branch styles and relationship arrows to choose from that can be used to create all manner of diagrams, and when it comes to adding images, you are granted control over opacity levels so it is easier to layer objects without hiding anything.

Files and links can be added to your mind maps by simply dragging and dropping them into place, and there are a number of ready-made images that can be used as placeholders for your own images if you do not have something suitable to hand immediately.

If you have already started working in alternative software such as Freemind, your projects can be imported into MyThoughts for Mac so you can continue working with the app’s tools. The integrated Notes Editor allows for the inclusion of descriptive text if further details are needed in any area, and you can export you mind maps to a number of formats including OPML and PDF.


An intuitive mind mapping tool that makes it easy to present complicated ideas in an understandable style.