Like anyone else, we tend to look for a music management tool, such as iTunes, to take care of our audio files, a photo manager to handle our large collection of images and a finance package to track our various accounts. We rarely bother to look for a document manager to look after our PDF, Word and other files.

If I take a look in my Documents folder there are sub-folders for the hundreds of contracts written over the last few years, outgoing and incoming invoices and plenty of miscellaneous documents that have accumulated over time. Quite frankly, finding the right document is like taking a stab in the dark at times. It’s tricky to realise which invoice applies to work commissioned, say, 12 months ago and takes time to look through old contracts to find the most relevant to apply to a contract we’re planning on drafting for a new client.

There must a better system. A system that enables me to collate documents much like my favourite photos, assign keywords, quickly search my documents and find the most relevant.

Pages is a document management system for Mac users that enables you to do just this. It works with PDF files (which the Mac supports within the operating system), enables you to create sub-folders, create collections (such as a group of PDF documents you created for a particular company) and quickly search based on keywords. You can then open and handle multiple documents, within Pages, without opening within a different application.

Pages enables multiple people to submit and find their documents, as you can quickly find documents created by a particular author. You can also share your documents with other users and keep them synchronised with your iPhone. You need to buy the separate iPhone app in order to read and synchronise your documents with the Mac version of Pages.


Powerful manager that enables you to manage, collate and search for documents on your system