Project management tools can be lifesavers when it comes to keeping on top of any large undertaking. Whether you are constructing a building, starting up and business or working on some other sort of venture, turning to software to help you work through each step of the process can helps to ensure everything runs smoothly.

With an interface that is closely reminiscent of iTunes, Projector is instantly accessible and yet amazingly powerful. It includes tools that enable you to not only manage your time better, but also keep track of how much your project is going to cost.

The program includes the option of creating Gantt charts and large complicated projects can be broken down into more manageable events, sub-tasks and milestones. This can not only help to make it easier to split a project between several people, but also enables you to set realistic targets.

There is also an iPad version of the program available - the ability to access your project on a computer and a portable device helps to increase the value of Projector even further.


Delightfully simple to use yet amazingly powerful, Projector is a valuable tool in your work arsenal.