Whether you use notes to organise work projects, household essentials or just to keep track of ideas, they can quickly become a disorganised mess that prove to be of little use. SOHO Notes is an advanced digital note-taking tool that can be used to store and organise voice recordings, videos, text files, web files and much more in an easily navigable interface.

You can use your Mac's built in camera to capture photos and videos, trimming as necessary, before saving them as notes or emailing them to friends. Large numbers of notes can be organised into as many different databases as you need, and within a database, sub-folders, tags and labels can be used to allow for easy searching.

Contacts and tasks can be attached to notes to establish a relationship, and you can also link related notes to each other. Notes can include tables, lists, check boxes links and much more, making it an incredibly versatile tool unlike any other note taking app.

SOHO Notes can be used in conjunction with NoteLife for iPhone and iPad which enables you to synchronise your notes between devices in both directions. With customisable hotkeys that can be used from outside the main application, SOHO Notes is available whenever you need it to jot down an idea.


One of the most advanced and versatile note-taking tools available for OSX that makes it easy to keep your life organised.