It is all well and good working wit ha high-end word processor, but for most writing tasks all that is needed is the ability to get words down on the page. Most word processor are packed to bursting with features that most people simply do not need, and it is all too easy to spend time fiddling with formatting and fonts style, when all that really matters is getting something written.

WriteRoom is a unique word processor in as much as it does not try to outdo other software by providing more or better features, it aims to offer as few distractions as possible so you can concentrate on your writing and be more productive.

Operating in full screen mode, WriteRoom hides any potential distractions that might be lurking on the desktop. The application interface mimics computers of old with green text on a black background which is easy on the eye.

Pressing the Esc key enables you to switch from full screen into windowed mode where it is possible to access some basic options such as spell checking, justification and printing. Free from the clutter that is usually found in application interfaces, WriteRoom leaves you with nothing to do but write.


If you are easily distracted, WriteRoom is the perfect word processor – basic, but with just enough options for most purposes.