Adaware ad block is a simple but comprehensive ad blocker, based on uBlock Origin and enhanced by the developer of adaware antivirus.

The extension doesn't need any configuration, good news if you prefer the "set and forget" approach. Install it, carry on browsing as usual, and all you'll notice is fewer ads and an address bar icon displaying the total blocked on the current page.

Ad block is unlikely to cause any issues, but if you do have problems then it can be disabled for the current site in a couple of clicks.

In a handy bonus feature, ad block uses adaware's web protection experience to keep you safe from dangerous sites.

The extension doesn't block pop-ups by default, presumably because the feature sometimes interferes with legitimate sites. If you'd like to try it anyway, click the address bar icon and turn "Block Pop-Ups" on.

What's new in

- fixing some minor bugs
- fixing some UI issues


Adaware ad block is simple and easy to use, and the bonus "dangerous sites" protection is welcome. It's difficult to say how it compares to the competition, but if you're in the market for an ad blocker it should certainly be on your shortlist.