The idea that Macs are impervious to viruses is a false one, but it is true that Macs are less susceptible to infection. Nevertheless, the risk – however small – remains, so these days most PC anti-virus vendors ship with Mac versions too.

This is AVG’s attempt at gaining a foothold in the Mac market, and it comes with what it calls triple protection, offering to block PC and Android viruses as well as Mac ones. That means if Mac users accidentally download infected files for other platforms, AVG will attempt to alert them before the file is passed on where it could do some serious damage.

Like all anti-virus software, AVG AntiVirus for Mac runs in the background offering real-time protection, which translates into scanning every file that’s opened, copied or saved for possible infection. It also comes with a File Scanner, allowing users to manually drag and drop suspect files for it to process.

The app also comes with the promise of automatic background updates, ensuring your Mac is protected against the latest threats as they’re detected and nullified. As with all free products, there’s a distinct lack of extras – this is a simple anti-malware tool, so works best in conjunction with a layered security approach where additional protection is added. Of course, OS X has always made it difficult for malware to gain a foothold – blocking apps from unknown developers by default, for example.

AVG should appeal to those who have frequent access to other, more vulnerable platforms – for the average Mac user, however, there’s little to recommend this over any existing free anti-virus tool you may already have installed.


The triple protection promise is an interesting one, but there’s little else here to make AVG stand out from an increasingly crowded Mac marketplace.