ClamXav is a Mac virus scanner based on the open source antivirus tool ClamAV. Definition updates are provided on a daily basis – which for some people may not seem like enough – and scans can be performed in a number of different ways to suit the way you work.

You can opt to scan your entire hard drive or individual files and folders as well as defining a number of ‘favourite’ locations for easy scanning on a regular basis. If you have files or folders that you would like to exclude from scans, you can do so by either dragging and dropping them onto the app interface, or by defining the necessary criteria that will be applied to your entire hard drive.

It is worth downloading the copy of ClamXav that is available from the app’s web site rather than using the version that is in the Mac App Store, and there are several reasons for this. Firstly, the direct download includes ClamXav Sentry, a feature that can be used to monitor your computer for new files and scan them for signs of infection as they are detected. If you have more than one user configured on your computer, you will find that the version from the App Store will only download definition updates for individual users rather than for the system wide application.

It is worth nothing that the App Store version of ClamXav requires you to have OS X 10.6 or greater installed, while the direct download version can be used with 10.4 and above; this is due to change with the next version which will require at least 10.5. With the ability to detect and block both Mac and Windows viruses, this is an effective protection tool that offers peace of mind.


Reliable and trustworthy virus protection that will help to ensure that your computer is free from infection. ClamXav is light on system resources and very easy to use.