K9 Web Protection is a comprehensive parental controls and web filtering package that will keep the whole family safe online.

The program is able to block access to many web sites, according to their category: pornography, drugs, hacking, gambling, hate sites and more. Some pre-defined profiles speed up this process. Selecting "High", for instance, blocks almost everything and is suitable for very young children, while the "Minimal" profile is more relaxed, a better option for teenagers.

You can also make your own custom selection of site types to block, or just choose the Monitor option, which lets people go to whatever sites they like, but logs them for review later.

A Time Restrictions option then lets you define exactly what your kids can go online. Choose the NightGuard option, for example, and internet access will automatically be blocked between 10pm and 7am (although you can then change these times to whatever you like).

K9 Web Protection isn't just about adding web restrictions, though. You also get access to data from the WebPulse cloud service, a growing community who provide more than 6 billion web content ratings per day. And as soon as just one other user rates a site for phishing, spyware or malware, K9 Web Protection will immediately block it for everyone else, so helping you avoid even the very latest scams and threats.


A versatile parental controls package with plenty of configuration options