Kaspersky ONE is a one-stop security suite which enables you to protect your PCs, Macs, smartphones and Android tablets (though not iPads or iPhones) with a single license.

For your PC, you receive Kaspersky Internet Security 2013, which offers comprehensive real-time protection will check your files, downloads and attachments for incoming threats, for instance, while cloud-based monitoring helps to detect even the very latest threats. Strong browsing tools check the websites you visit; a two-way firewall looks out for network attacks; the spam filter keeps your inbox clean, and flexible parental controls help you to keep your children extra-safe. For your Mac, Kaspersky Security for Mac 2013 is a brand new comprehensive security suite that will protect every aspect of your Mac browsing experience.

Kaspersky Mobile Security focuses on providing the protection you need for Windows Mobile, Symbian, Blackberry and Android phones. So as well as real-time virus scanning and an advanced firewall, the program also blocks unwanted calls and texts from specified or unknown numbers. A Privacy Mode hides the contacts, calls and SMS texts you specify. And if your phone is stolen then the program can provide Google Maps coordinates of its location, or you can opt to disable or clean the phone, even if the SIM card has been replaced.

Kaspersky Tablet Security will provide security for your Android tablet and similarly optimised to deliver the best possible results for its platform. The heart of the package remains its real-time antivirus protection, but there's also a particular focus on scanning apps downloaded from the marketplace. Updates are small and frequent, so they won't slow you down. And a simple Desktop Security Gadget provides easy access to your security status at any time.

The real convenience here, though, is you get to choose exactly what devices you'd like to protect. So if you opt for a 3-device pack, you can protect a PC, a Mac, and a smartphone. Or two tablets, and a PC, or whatever other combination suits your needs - it's entirely your call.

Note that we've updated this review to include the Kaspersky 2013 products, which are now part of Kaspersky ONE.


It really needs support for iOS, but Kaspersky ONE will provide solid and comprehensive security protection for all your computers and mobile devices.