How do you secure your login and password information? You could simply rely on your web browser, but there are so many other locations which might require a secure login, away from your browser.

You could choose a commercial password manager, such as our choice, 1Password. This cross-platform tool enables you to secure your logins, passwords, personal information and even your credit card details, across your devices. If you're on your smartphone out and about, you can view your login details from 1Password just by using Face ID. The only issue is, this isn't a cheap service requiring an ongoing monthly payment for you to keep accessing your own password information.

KeeWeb is a free opensource cross-platform alternative which is built on top of the popular KeePass technology. The difference with KeeWeb is that the UI looks like a modern implementation and we're impressed. It even includes the option of a dark mode by default and the developer has cleverly designed it so it looks the same across Mac, Windows or Linux computers.

As you would expect with a password manager, you can store your login, password, credit cards and other personal data. KeeWeb supports Dropbox synchronisation, so if you move from your office Windows PC to your Mac laptop, your information will be in sync. You can assign tags so you can quickly find information and add colour favourites so separate information.

You also get a password generator, making it easy to create a secure password if a website or other location requires a secure login. You can add inline images, so if you feel compelled, you can even add an image of your credit card to KeeWeb.

The major downside of using KeeWeb is that there are no smartphone apps, meaning you can't manage your passwords from your iPhone or Android device. What you can do is open a web browser app and load your Dropbox stored data via your browser, but's not the ideal solution.

As KeeWeb is opensource, we might see additional functionality added in future. Third-party developers have created their own themes and there's even a 'Have I Been Pwned?' plugin made available so you can check whether any of your logins/passes have been compromised.


Looks great, cross-platform, free and with lots of potential. For us though, we'd love a smartphone app, but for a free password manager, that's a tall ask. Give it a try.