It's becoming increasingly easy for a novice user to stumble across a website which looks legit, but if you look more closely, it's obvious to an expert user it's either fake or malicious, designed to scam you or worse. It's far too easy to buy a .com or, create a website which looks like a brand and start selling fake or non-existent goods.

Of course, pay by PayPal or your credit card and you're covered, so most people shouldn't worry. But it's still a pain and takes time to resolve. There must be a solution for stopping you from landing on these websites, even accidentally.

Malwarebytes Browser Guard is a simple free extension for Chrome which will work alongside your browser to stop you downloading and installing malicious software, will attempt to block online scams, will offer tracking protection so you can't be tracked across the internet whilst you browse for goods to purchase and protection against clickbait websites, setup to get you to click so the website can make money from your action.

In case Malwarebytes Browser Guard accidentally flags up a website you know is completely safe, you can always add this to the "Allow List" in the settings.

The Malwarebytes Browser Guard claims it can result in pages being loaded up to 3x quicker, but this is because it removes a lot of 'unwanted' content such as ads (which also, we'll add, help pay for the very website you are browsing now...).

We also noticed it blocks RSS feeds and other important content which can provide content to a website. But again, you can add these to the Allow List.


Malwarebytes Browser Guard is an extension which helps block malicious websites and kills ads. It does err on the side of caution which can leat to a few false alarms, but we'd rather that than it be too lenient and let malware onto your device.