Losing your laptop, Android tablet or smartphone is generally an absolute disaster, with all kinds of unpleasant consequences. Like someone else having access to your personal data, for instance. The inconvenience of being without your device, and the cost of buying a replacement.

But you may be able to reduce the impact of each of these (or perhaps avoid it entirely) with a little help from Norton Anti-Theft (available for Windows systems, and Android-based tablets and smartphones).

Once installed, for instance, the system may allow you to locate the position of any missing system on a map.

The ability to remotely lock your device prevents others from accessing your private files.

Anti-Theft can display a custom message on the screen of your device, perhaps to offer a reward, provide your phone number, or anything else you think might help to get it back.

And if the thief is determined not to pay attention then you can always try to grab a frame from the system's webcam, perhaps helping to identify them, or tell you more about where the device is at the moment.

Perhaps most conveniently of all, though, the recovery side of Norton Anti-Theft runs as a web service, so it's very straightforward to use. If your device has gone missing, just get to anything else which provides a browser, access your Norton Anti-Theft account, and the system will do its very best to get your hardware back.


A capable and easy-to-use device tracking and recovery system