The internet now offers a huge number of different ways to keep in touch with others, from email and social networks to instant messaging. The number of different instant messaging clients continues to rise, and offerings are available from the likes of Microsoft, Yahoo, Google and AOL. While IM clients provide a quick and easy way to send messages to others, you are often limited to talking to people who are using the same network. If you have friends using a range of different clients, this can mean that you have to install a large number of different programs yourself.

This is where Digsby can help as it makes it possible to access all of your instant messaging contact lists from one handy program. The program supports a number of networks including MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Google Talk, ICQ and Jabber. But it doesn’t end there. Digsby can also be used to keep an eye on your inbox and it is possible to add email accounts associated with your instant messaging accounts, or standard POP3 or IMAP accounts.

Digsby also features support for a social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn. If Digsby is installed on more than one computer, the settings that are in use in the program can be synchronised between machines to save having to reconfigure them. With all of your social networking contacts in one place, it has never been easier to keep in tuch with people, and using a single application rather than several provides a quick and easy way to save on system resources without having to make compromises.


Excellent integration between different networking protocols and a skinnable interface makes Digsby a joy to use.