There are now a huge number of social networks to choose from, and each has its own unique focus. Frenzy is a different type of social networking tool that makes use of the online storage service Dropbox to share files, messages and links with your friends, all from the comfort of the menu bar in OS X.

Unlike other social networking tools, the idea behind Frenzy is not to accumulate as many ‘friends’ as possible. It has been designed specifically to make it easier to share information with close friends or colleagues, and messages and updates from your contacts appear as a Twitter-style news stream – complete with details of what your friends have shared and the ability to comment on items

Web links can be shared from almost any web browser by simply pressing a keyboard shortcut, but there is also an extension available for Firefox users. All that is need to get started with the app is a Dropbox account – and it doesn’t matter if you are using a free or paid-for account.

Frenzy can be used in a number of ways, from collaborative work to sharing photos, but its elegant design and pleasing ease of use mean that it offers a way to great your own private social network in next to no time.


A novel use for Dropbox that is useful and versatile. Whether put to business or personal use, this is a great alternative to other online services.