Twitter, like many social networking platforms, is something that people tend to love or hate. But when someone dislikes Twitter, it tends to be for a limited number of reasons. Pet hates include adverts, seeing tweets about subjects or people that are not of interest, and a strange non-chronological timeline. These are all issues that Neptune for Twitter aims to address.

This visually impressive Twitter client makes it easy to filter the tweets you see, so you don't need to spend time scrolling through content that does not appeal to you. You can easily hide words and trending topics that do not interest you, enabling you to use Twitter as a valuable tool rather than a waste of time.

If you have multiple Twitter account, perhaps for work and personal use, Neptune can handle them all and you can easily switch between them as and when necessary. Notifications are complemented by haptics, and you can use a variety of gestures to interact with the app.

As well as always displaying tweets in chronological order, Neptune does not jump around like the official Twitter apps do. Rather than automatically taking you to the most recent tweets, the app lets you pick up from where you left off, so you can scroll through content at your own pace. It's also easy to bookmark tweets that you may want to refer back to so you can quickly jump back to them.

Another great feature of Neptune is Quick Share which makes it easy to share tweets and profiles with other Neptune users who might be nearby. It is perhaps not a killer feature, but it's definitely a nice touch and helps to make the app stand out from the competition a little. It is still relatively early days for this Twitter client, and it is already showing incredible signs of promise.


An app that has clearly been born of passion. It's a great way to experience Twitter the way you want to experience it rather than how Twitter thinks you should.