Twitterific is a well-known Twitter client for iPhone and iPad, but many people do not know that a Mac version of the app also exists. Twitterrific for Twitter is a Mac client that offers support for multiple Twitter account, and a consistent interface that remains almost identical no matter which platform you are using.

If you are working with more than one account, separate app windows can be opened to make it easier to keep track of each one individual without the need to constantly switch between accounts. Access to option such as searches and trending topics is provided by a sidebar, but this can be collapsed into the app to help keep the interface uncluttered when it is not in use.

Built-in URL shortening enables you to make the most of your 140 character limit, and there is support for a wide range of external services such as plixi and Instagram. Customisable keyboard shortcuts are available to allow for easy access to common options and features, and options such as in-app video and photo uploading, Tweet translation and a customisable look and feel make this a joy to use.

The free version of Twitterific for Mac can be used without restrictions, but it is ad-supported; upgrade to the premium edition and the ads are removed. The premium version may seem expensive, but there is no faulting the quality of this Twitter client. If you can put up with advertisements, the free version is excellent, but the irritation can be removed if you are willing to pay the price.


An accomplished Twitter client that offers an enticing alternative to the official app or web site.