There are a number of tools and services that can be used to keep track of your appointments, including OS X’s built in iCal app. Whether you use this particular app, or use the online Google Calendar, it can be annoying to have to launch a program or visit a web site to check what is happening in the coming days. This is something CalendarBar aims to address by providing easy access to your calendars in OS X’s menu bar.

The app can be accessed with a single click of the menu bar icon, and a pop up window will then be displayed listing your upcoming events from the calendars you have configured. In addition to iCal and Google Calendar events, CalendarBar can also display events from your Facebook calendar.

If you have multiple calendars set up in iCal or Google Calendar, you can choose which ones should be displayed, and in the case of Facebook you can also show your friends’ birthdays. The beauty of CalendarBar is that it can be quickly accessed no matter what you happen to be doing. A hotkey can be configured so there is no need to even lift your fingers from the keyboard in order to check your schedule.

The menu bar icon can be customised so it indicates either the current date, or the number of events taking place today and the width of the menu can be adjusted to make the best possible use of space. It is a shame that CalendarBar cannot be used to create calendar events, but as an instant access informational tool, it is near perfect.


A wonderfully simple and well-designed app that fulfils its goal well – providing easy access to your calendars whatever you may be doing.