When you need to demonstrate how something is done, if you are not able to guide someone through the process in person, the next best thing is a video tutorial. Camtasia for Mac is a screen recording utility that can be used to record on-screen activity and save it as a video file.

Ideal for creating video tutorials as well as demonstrations, Camtasia can be used in a variety of ways. You may not want to capture your desktop in its entirety and it is possible to limit capture to a portion of your screen.

On the audio front you can opt to use a microphone to record voiceovers as well as recording sounds generated by your Mac. An audio cleanup tool is available to help you to eliminate any unwanted background noise that may have been captured. Longer recording sessions can be paused and resumed so you don’t need to capture everything in one sitting.

The SmartFocus features means that it is possible to focus videos in on the main part of the action - you may want to temporarily zoom in on a particular window to highlight some detail for example. With the option of using scene transitions, text and image overlays and much more, Camtasia enables you to produce professional results with ease.

What's new in 2018.0.1 (see changelog for more)?

- Fixed bugs with library upgrading.
- Fixed bugs with libzip importing.
- Fixed bugs with MP4 and MOV performance.
- Fixed a bug with delete files selection in Deployment Tool.
- Fixed a bug with Deployment Tool not using language selection.
- Fixed a crash when audio placed on 60 fps timeline.
- Fixed a crash when dragging an unsaved GIF from Snagit to Camtasia.
- Fixed a crash when applying noise removal to certain MP3s.
- Fixed a crash when applying clip speed to audio.
- Other bug fixes and improvements.


An advanced, professional and efficient ways to capture desktop activity and create video tutorials.