Chrome Delight is a free "new tab page" Chrome extension with a difference: instead of static photo wallpaper, it gives you gorgeous time-lapse videos.

We found a spinning night sky view, for instance. Clouds rushing over a spectacular landscape. A sunrise. A view from a mountainside, as cloud rushes like water across the valley below. Spectacular desert images with the evening sky reflected in a river.

Every scene runs for around ten seconds before repeating. Resource use didn't seem too bad - the videos are about 3 to 4MB in size, not a big deal in Chrome terms - and it barely added a fraction of a percentage point CPU usage to our system.

Right-clicking the screen displays options to disable looping, save the video locally or copy the video URL to the clipboard.

Chrome Delight isn't just about the visuals. There are also links to open your most visited sites, your bookmarks or apps, and there's a bonus weather tool which displays the current conditions in your chosen cities.


Chrome Delight doesn't have the variety you'll get with regular wallpaper extensions, and the other features on the page are very basic, too-- mostly just simple links. But there are some great scenes, and if you like the time-lapse idea it should keep you entertained for a while.