Installing applications on the Mac is usually a breeze: download and open the DMG file and then follow the instructions – typically by dragging a folder into your Applications or by running a package installer. Getting rid of them should be similarly easy – drag the application folder into the trash and that’s it. Or is it?

Mac applications may be tidier on the whole than their Windows counterparts, but they still place parts of themselves in obscure parts of your system, all of which gets left behind should you later decide to remove them from your computer.

Contents is an application designed to help reclaim lost disk space by tidying up after yourself. Its main component is a tool for uninstalling apps: instead of simply dragging the application folder to the trash can, drag it on to the main Contents window and it’ll not only delete that folder, but go hunting through your hard drive for other related files and remove them too, resulting in a cleaner uninstall.

The program also features some other clean-up tools: Browse Library allows you to view what programs have settings stored in your Library folder, enabling you to remove obsolete entries of programs previously uninstalled. Preferences Cleaner looks for obsolete and empty folders that you can delete, while Installer allows you to drag plugins onto the window to install with one click. Finally, Backupper provides one-click backup for key system settings and preferences, including dashboard widgets, fonts, internet plugins and Mail.

The program comes as a fully functional 15-day trial, after which you’ll need to pay US$9.99 to continue using it. Version 2 is planned for release soon - it will be "it’s going to be completely rewritten, redesigned, rebranded, and rereleased", according to the developers, adding there will be "a new focus on cleaning your Mac" - the good news is that you'll be able to update from version 1.0 for free.


A great way of removing unwanted applications from your Mac, Contents is also good at cleaning up behind previous application removals too.