Since the release of Lion, there have been a sudden spate of tweaking tools released for OS X. Some of these tools are completely new, while others, such as Deeper, are updated versions of well-known utilities that have already gained a loyal following.

For anyone who is not familiar with Deeper, it is a customisation tool that makes it possible to easily change some of the hidden settings of your operating system. This may mean changing the way animations works, disabling the iTunes store or something more major.

You can also change the way the Dock and Finder work, giving you the option of making Lion work more like Snow Leopard if this is what you have become used to. Many of the options available in Deeper can be accessed by changing settings in Lion itself, but the app provides a handy interface that provides access to everything in one place.

If you are still running Snow Leopard, Leopard, or even Tiger, pay a visit to the Titanium Software web site where you will find versions of Deeper that can be used with your version of OS X. Whichever version you install, you will find that this is an impressive tweaking tool that places you firmly in control of the look and feel of your computer.


Free and powerful, Deeper is an impressive Tweaking tool that anyone with Lion installed should download immediately.