Not everyone is fastidious when it comes to organising files and folders on their hard drive. If you're someone who regularly finds their desktop becoming cluttered you may find Desktoday a vital tool in your Mac's armoury.

Desktoday enables you to clear the contents of your desktop by moving them to a conveniently located folder marked with the day's date, which is – by default – kept in your Documents folder (new in version 1.3 is the ability to select a folder on a different drive for storing your desktop items in). Just fire up the program, hit its menu bar icon and choose “Clear Desktop”.

When the time comes to recover an item, you can easily find it by clicking the program's menu icon again and this time choosing Show in Finder to reveal a further sub-menu: from here either select the date you archived the item in question, or choose Destination to browse all available folders.

And that's pretty much it – it's worth noting that desktop items are filed in folders according to the day in which Desktoday is invoked – in other words, the program will not file desktop items according to their date stamp. 


Capable, if limited, tool for helping to keep messy desktops tidy.