Securing your private data is always important, particularly if you share your computer with others. There are a variety of files security solutions available, but Knox aims to keep things as simple as possible by enabling you to create vaults that are password protected. These can be used to store files, but can also be used as a backup location.

Using 256-bt AES encryption, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your data will not be accessed by anyone unauthorised. You also have the option of formatting entire USB drives and thanks to the fact that OX S supports encrypted disk images, the vaults can be opened on another Mac without the need to have Knox installed.

Know can be put to a variety of uses, and you may find that rather than using a single secure vault to store all of your files, you want to use several vaults to keep different types of files separate. If you opt to go down this route, a menu bar icon can be used to switch between vaults with ease.

The ability to create secure backups from the same application is a huge bonus. Simply create a new vault and you can then set about the task of choosing which files should be backed up and then configured a schedule so you don’t need to remember to manually update the backup.


A multi-function encryption tool that can be used to secure your every day files as well as your backups.