YACReader is a capable tool for reading, browsing and managing your comic collection. (Not interested in comics? It could be handy just as a PDF viewer.)

The program supports various comic, image and archive formats, including rar, zip, cbr, cbz, tar, pdf, 7z and cb7, jpeg, gif, png, tiff and bmp.

The interface is minimal - just a tiny toolbar - but this doesn't have to slow you down. Hit O/ Ctrl+O, choose a document, and you can browse from page to page as usual (next/ back buttons, left/ right arrow, home/ end, and so on).

If the default settings aren't quite right, then you can switch to a double page view, rotate pages, apply various zoom options, and generally customise the view to suit your needs.

YACReader also offers configurable brightness, contrast and gamma settings. We've found this very handy when trying to view faded scanned document pages in PDFs.

Navigation tools include a Page Flow dialog for browsing page thumbnails, and a simple bookmarking system.

A separate Library manager helps organise your collection and keep track of your reading.


YACReader's interface needs work, and we'd like support for more file formats, but there's still plenty to like here. The ability to adjust page brightness/ gamma/ contrast is great for viewing hard-to-read scans in PDFs, for instance, and could justify installing the program all on its own.