The new Photos app in Mac OS X and iOS 8 is set to take photography to a whole new level. Here are the new features to be found in Photos for iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite.

In amongst the massive range of new features for iOS 8 and Yosemite is a huge boost to Apple’s Photos app and iCloud service. Many people use an iPhones and Mac (or iPad) setup for snapping and storing photographs, so Photos is an important app. It’s no surprise to see a raft of new Photos features in the upcoming Autumn release. Here are the 10 best Photos features to look forward to.

There is a new photos app on the Mac: read about Photos for Mac here.

1 Apple Photos for Mac OS X

Top of our list is the new Photos app being developed for Mac OS X. According to Apple Photoshop for Mac OS X will come out early in 2015. We’re not sure what this means for Apple’s current Mac OS X photo app (iPhoto) but we think both will sit side-by-side for a while. With Photos being the default image app, and iPhoto being for people who want a little more editing power (like QuickTime and iMovie).


2 Record Time lapse videos in iOS 8

Photos app for iPhone time lapse recording

The second thing that we cannot wait to try out is Photos new Time Lapse video feature. Apple claims that it takes photos at dynamically selected intervals (one snap every 30 seconds or every minute). We’ve created time-lapse videos before and think this is a great way to show something as it unfolds.

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3 In Photos for iOS 8 all images live in iCloud

Apple is going to take Photos in the cloud to a whole new level. With iOS 8 every photo you take will automatically live in iCloud by default. Hopefully this will blend the line between Photos and Photos in the Cloud (which is confusing for many people). It will also make it much easier for people to snap photos on one device and view them on another. And any edits you make to an image will appear instantly on all your other devices.

4 …and there’s no time limit for iCloud photos in iOS 8

iCloud Photo Library in iOS 8

Apple looks set to remove the time limit for Photos in the Cloud, now every photo you take will be accessible from the iCloud Photo Library. According to Apple: “you can view a photo from last week or last year no matter where you are.”

5 iCloud Photo Library can store RAW files

There’s no resizing taking place for iCloud Photo Library so you can store all your photos and videos in their native resolution. Even Camera RAW files. Photos professional angle is going to be a welcome move for all professional photographers.

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6 New Photo search features in iOS 8

iPhoto Search and Smart Suggestions in iOS 8

Apple is adding a Search feature to Photos for iOS. You can now search all of your photos by date, time, location or album name. The new Photo Search feature should make it easier than ever to find the right photograph.

7 Smart Suggestions in Photos for iOS 8

Photos for iOS 8 sports a new feature called Smart Suggestions. The Smart Suggestions mode is going to show you similar photos to the one you are looking at. One tap on a photo and you can quickly search for photos Nearby, One Year Ago, or all time Favourites. It’s an interesting new way of grouping your photographs, almost like iTunes' Genius but for your photos.

8 Smart Composition tools in Photos for iOS 8

Photo for iOS has a new set of editing tools that are designed to make intelligent edits for you. The new Crop tool automatically scans a photo and suggests crop and rotation, so it automatically looks and matches for the horizon line. It’ll hopefully be a great way for people who aren’t used to image editing to get the most out of their photos.

9 Photos for iOS 8 has a new Smart Adjustments tool

While Photos already has an auto adjust tool, the new Smart Adjustments tool in Photos for iOS appears much more advanced. It aims to intelligently adjust exposure, brightness, and contrast. Smart Adjustments works alongside Smart Composition to make image editing more accessible to newcomers.

10 Photos for iOS 8 has new filters

New filters and effects in Photos for iOS 8

Apple introduced effects and filters in iOS 7, but there is a new range of effects such as Luminous and Waterlogue that can be used to create artworks from your photos. And if that wasn’t good enough Apple’s opening up Photos in iOS 8 so third-party developers can create their own filters and effects.

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