During the winter, cats are drawn to sources of heat to keep warm, which has made Macs and other tech a particular favourite of our feline friends. We couldn't resist creating a round-up of some of the cutest Mac and cat photos and videos we've seen.


Above: We wonder what this cute kitten is watching on its MacBook. The Great Catzby, perhaps? (PAHAHAHA... oh. Sorry) Via Wendy Seltzer

Above: My own cat, Trixie (short for Bellatrix, of course), enjoys sitting on my keyboard while I'm trying to work, and then chasing everything that appears on the screen. This makes a very cute photograph but is actually really rather annoying after a while.

Above: This cat is very protective of its MacBook Pro. Don't say we didn't warn you. 

Above: Particularly fascinated by the cursor, this Norwegian Forest Cat is as equally attached to its MacBook as the previous feline, but thankfully a little less evil.

Above: We wish we could type while lying down, too. Via Ryan Forsythe

Above: Family cat is fascinated by the MacBook Pro. Via Troy Blevins

Above: We think the award for the cat that loves its Mac the most goes to this little guy.

Above: Busted! [Source]

Above: Look at this guy's little smile! He looks so happy. Via Alfred Hermida

Above: Jill's cats have to fight over who gets the keyboard (that's the warmest part, so the cats' favourite).

Above: We'd be slightly concerned if this was our MacBook Air! Looks like a comfy chair, though. Via Mark Giles

Above: ZZZZzzzzzzzz via Raneko

Above: It's not just Macs that cats like either. This charming fellow (who we've learned is called Meatloaf) enjoys a cuddle with his iPhone. [Source]

Above: Even big cats like Tigers and Lions enjoy the iPad.

Above: This chap, on the other hand, doesn't seem to agree with his fellow felines about how awesome Apple products are. [Source]

There's actually an entire Pinterest board dedicated to cats and Apple products, if you want to see even more: Cats and Apple products on Pinterest. And let's not forget about the Flickr group, too: Cats Love Macs on Flickr. If you're still not satisfied, there's the Cats on Macs website, of course.

If your cat has a particular fondness for Apple products, you can send us your photos on Twitter.

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